"As you know the four adult siblings in this matter have been in a painful struggle for over two years. Notwithstanding the intense family emotions, the parties reached a settlement in substantial part because of your skill in fostering trust and understanding for people previously unable to agree on almost anything. I look forward to working with you again in the future."

"As I mentioned to you, we had little hope or expectation that this matter would be settled through mediation because of the chasm between the parties' positions. I thank you for your efforts and acumen in resolving this dispute."

"Ken Malovos is the most effective mediator I have used in my thirty years as a construction litigator. His high level of expertise in construction law is matched by his patience and creativity to methodically direct the discussions toward settlement. Mr. Malovos has a gentle and persistent manner than enables the clients to find their way to an agreement. I would enthusiastically recommend Mr. Malovos to mediate any construction dispute, especially where you are convinced that the case cannot settle." "This is to express our sincere thanks and appreciation for the excellent services you provided as mediator in the above-referenced matter. Your skill, temperament and sensitivity to both the legal and emotional complexities involved in the case served both parties well. Thank you for your assistance."

"I believe that it was only through your efforts that this matter was settled to the satisfaction of both parties."

"Thank you for your mediation efforts as they were invaluable in bringing this matter to an early resolution."

"The case that you helped resolve was a case that I would have told everybody was simply not going to be resolved by arbitration or mediation. It was a case where relatives were at each other's throats over an inheritance and the attorneys were not doing much better in trying to control their clients and trying to reach a settlement. The expertise and calmness that you brought to the proceeding were able to bring the two sides, which were totally at different ends of the playing field, to an equitable and reasonable compromise and settlement at mid-field."

"Thank you again for your professional and diligent services as our mediator in this matter. I have no doubt that, but for your mediation, this matter would not have settled."

"Mr. Malovos came highly recommended by one of my colleagues and his services proved to support such a high recommendation. I was pleased with his fair minded approach and efficient resolution of our mediation."

(Attorneys' names withheld because of mediation confidentiality.)