Procedures and Rates


Mediations usually start with a joint session at which counsel will make a brief factual presentation of the case. This will be followed by closed sessions with each party and counsel. All statements made in closed sessions are confidential and will not be repeated to the other side without express consent.

Briefs are to be submitted four (4) days in advance of the mediation session and exchanged with the other parties. Confidential information can be provided under separate cover. Clients with full authority to resolve all issues must be in attendance at all sessions. Expert witnesses may be utilized in joint or closed sessions of mediations, at the discretion of counsel.

For arbitrations, there will be a written award, consisting of the basis and rationale on all issues within 30 days, unless otherwise agreed. Briefs and exhibits are to be submitted one week in advance of the arbitration hearing and exchanged with the other parties. The use of a court reporter at arbitrations is at the discretion of each party.

For special master/referee engagements, most sessions will be conducted by joint conference call, after briefing by the parties. A tentative ruling will be issue before the hearing. The recommendation will be served on the parties and the court promptly thereafter.

Quiet and comfortable hearing rooms available on premises. Plenty of free parking. Easy freeway access off of Highway 50, just 10 minutes from downtown. Many nearby restaurants.


Mediations and arbitrations: $5,000 per day, due upon scheduling. Additional charge of $500 per party for groups of three or more. Half-day and hourly rates for appropriate cases. The fee is refundable if the matter is canceled within 7 days of the hearing. Otherwise, it serves as a retainer to save the day and is non-refundable. However, if the hearing is postponed, the fee is fully transferable to the new date. All costs and fees are borne equally by the parties, unless otherwise agreed.

Referee and Other Services: $500 per hour, paid in advance.

Travel: Expenses only, no hourly charge for travel.